Full Form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine

An ATM is a machine incorporated with the physical structure of a bank or other structure, which enables individuals to take out cash from their ledger or bank account by utilizing a unique card.

ATM is a shortening for ‘automated teller machine’. It is also referred to a mechanized electronic machine that performs essential financial capacities, (for example, taking care of check stores or issuing money withdrawals). The other name refers to automated teller machine are called automatic teller, automatic teller machine too.  


An automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic financial outlet that enables clients to finish fundamental exchanges without the guide of a branch agent or teller. Anybody with a Master card or platinum card can get to generally ATMs.

ATM Full form stands for

ATM Full form

Full Form of ATM 

Full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine.

What does ATM Stands for?

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. 

Short form of Automated Teller Machine

The short form of Automated Teller Machine is ATM.

Abbreviation for Automated Teller Machine

Abbreviation for Automated Teller Machine is ATM.

Regarding the history of ATM, the principal ATM showed up in London in 1967, and in under 50 years, ATMs spread far and wide, verifying a nearness in each real nation and even modest little island countries, for example, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia. 

ATMs are helpful, enabling shoppers to perform speedy, self-serve exchanges from ordinary financial like stores and withdrawals to increasingly complex exchanges like bill installments and moves.

Since the principal ATM showed up in 1967, the fame of these machines has consistently been on the ascent. There are more than 3.5 million ATMs being used over the world. They are likewise known in various pieces of the world as robotized bank machines (ABM) or bank machines.

There are two essential kinds of ATMs. Fundamental units just enable clients to pull back money and get refreshed record adjusts. The more mind-boggling machines acknowledge stores, encourage credit extension installments, moves, and report account data. To get to the propelled highlights of the perplexing units, a client must be a record holder at the bank that works the machine.

Examiners envision ATMs will turn out to be considerably increasingly well known and conjecture an expansion in the quantity of ATM withdrawals. ATMs of things to come are probably going to be full-administration terminals rather than or notwithstanding conventional bank employees.

Banks place ATMs in and outside of their branches. Different ATMs are situated in high rush hour gridlock territories, for example, strip malls, supermarkets, accommodation stores, air terminals, transport, and railroad stations, corner stores, gambling clubs, eateries, and different areas.

Most ATMs that are found in banks are multi-utilitarian, while others that are offsite will, in general, be those that give straightforward administrations.

Utilizing an ATM, clients can get to their bank store or credit accounts so as to make an assortment of money related exchanges most remarkable money withdrawals yet additionally check adjusts or credit cell phones. ATMs can be utilized to pull back money in a remote nation.

On the off chance that the cash being pulled back from the ATM is not quite the same as that wherein the ledger is named, the cash will be changed over at the monetary establishment’s trade rate.

Customers are ordinarily distinguished by embeddings a plastic ATM card (or some other satisfactory installment card) into the ATM, with validation being by the client entering an individual recognizable proof number (PIN), which must match the PIN put away in the chip on the card (if the card is so prepared), or in the issuing money related organization’s database.

Use of ATM

⇒ ATMs were initially created as money dispensers, and have advanced to give numerous other bank-related capacities:

⇒ Paying routine bills, expenses, and assessments (utilities, telephone charges, government disability, legitimate expenses, annual duties, and so on.)

⇒ Printing or requesting bank proclamations

⇒ Refreshing passbooks

⇒ Loans

⇒ Cheque Processing Module

⇒ Paying up all required funds (or mostly) the credit balance on a card connected to a particular current record.

⇒ Transferring cash between connected accounts, (for example, transfer into accounts)

In certain nations, particularly those which profit by a completely coordinated cross-bank arrange (e.g.: Multibanco in Portugal), ATMs incorporate numerous capacities that are not legitimately identified with the administration of one’s own financial balance, for example,

  • Stacking fiscal incentive into put away worth cards
  • Including prepaid PDA/cell phone credit.
  • Acquiring :
  • Show tickets
  • Gold
  • Lottery tickets
  • Motion picture tickets
  • Postage stamps.
  • Train tickets
  • Shopping center gifts vouchers
  • Giving to charities

Progressively, banks are trying to utilize the ATM as a business gadget to convey pre affirmed advances and focused on promoting utilizing items, for example, ITM (the Intelligent Teller Machine) from Aptra Relate from NCR.  ATMs can likewise go about as a publicizing channel for other companies. In any case, a few diverse ATM advances have not yet achieved overall acknowledgment, for example,

  • Videoconferencing with human tellers, known as video tellers
  • Biometrics, where approval of exchanges depends on the filtering of a client’s unique mark, iris, face, etc
  • Check/money Acceptance, where the machine acknowledges and perceives checks and additionally cash without utilizing envelopes. Expected to develop insignificance in the US through Check 21 enactment.
  • Bar code scanning
  • On-request printing of things, for example, motion picture tickets, voyager’s checks, and so on.
  • Administering extra media, (for example, telephone cards)
  • Co-appointment of ATMs with versatile phones
  • Reconciliation with non-banking equipment
  • Recreations and limited time features
  • CRM through the ATM
  • Videoconferencing teller machines are right now alluded to as Interactive Teller Machines. Benton Smith, in the Idaho Business Review, expresses “The product that permits intelligent teller machines to capacity was made by a Salt Lake City-based organization called uGenius, a maker of video banking programming. NCR, a main producer of ATMs, obtained uGenius in 2013 and wedded its very own ATM equipment with uGenius’ video programming.”
  • An NCR Interactive Teller Machine running Genius programming.
  • Drug store apportioning units

Parts of ATM

ATMs are basically fundamental PCs however with extra ATM parts that take into account explicit capacities, permitting the product that is running on the PC to do the capacities. They can break or breakdown simply like some other PC. Since there are such huge numbers of specific capacities in an ATM, there should be a promptly accessible wellspring of affirmed ATM extra parts for upkeep.

In spite of the fact that the plan of every ATM might be unique, they all contain similar fundamental parts:

Card reader:

This part read the chip on the front or the attractive stripe on the back of the card. This reads the account data that is put away on an attractive strip, the one that one can generally observe using a loan and platinum cards. The information recovered is passed on to a host processor, which thusly can translate the data and recover the client’s record data. The card reader catches the record data put away on the attractive stripe on the back of an ATM/charge or Visa.


The keypad enables the purchaser to include data like the PIN, the sort of exchange the person expects to do, and the measure of the exchange. This enables clients to enter the data they have to give. It gives them a chance to enter their own distinguishing proof or stick code, select what kind of exchange they need to make, and for the most part speak with the ATM programming.

The keypad gives the cardholder a chance to tell the bank what sort of exchange is required (money withdrawal, balance request, and so on.) and for what sum. Likewise, the bank requires the cardholder’s close to home distinguishing proof number (PIN) for confirmation. Government law necessitates that the PIN square is sent to the host processor in scrambled structure.

Money dispenser:

Bills are administered through a space in the machine, which is associated with a safe at the base of the machine. The principal reason for an ATM is for a client to secure money, so obviously, this is the most significant part. The money gadget is an essential part and a section that is exceptionally modern. The core of an ATM is the safe and cash dispensing machine.


If required, shoppers can demand receipts which are printed here. The receipt records the sort of exchange, the sum, and the record balance. Printer, a great part of the procedure of an ATM is computerized, printed receipts are mentioned by numerous or most ATM clients. This ATM part makes this conceivable.


The ATM issues prompt that guide the purchaser through the way toward executing the exchange. Data is likewise transmitted on the screen, for example, account data and parties. Like any PC, this enables clients to see each progression of the procedure or exchange they are doing.

The display screen prompts the cardholder through each progression of the exchange procedure. Leased line machines generally utilize a monochrome or color  CRT (cathode ray tube) show. Dial-up machines ordinarily utilize a monochrome or color LCD.


This enables the client to hear when keys are being pushed on the keypad, yet it might likewise consider extra voice includes on specific ATMs.

Parts of ATM card

  • The front of a card incorporates:
  • The card number
  • The issue date
  • The termination date
  • A Visa or Mastercard logo

Card number

This 16-digit number is one of a kind to your card. It is unique in relation to your bank account number.

Issue date

This is the date your ATM card was issued.

Lapse date

The card must be utilized until this date. Another card will be consequently sent to your location preceding the lapse date.

Visa or Mastercard logo

This image implies that one can utilize this card any place Visa or Mastercard platinum cards are acknowledged, for instance, retail establishments, cafés, and on the web.

  • The back of a charge card

        The back of a platinum card incorporates:

  • The customer service number
  • The signature bar
  • The card verification value
  • The network system logos

Customer service number

Call this without toll number when your inquiries regarding your account.  

Signature bar

For your assurance against misrepresentation, make sure to sign here when you get your card.

Card Verification Value (CVV)

This number is one of a kind to your card. When you utilize your card to make buys via telephone or the Internet, a few vendors may expect you to supply this number to affirm that you have the card with you.

Network logos

The logos that show up on your card demonstrate where it very well may be utilized. You can:

Access any ATM that conveys indistinguishable logos from your card.

Make PIN-based buys at vendors that show a similar Point-of-Sale arrange.

Make signature-based buys at vendors that acknowledge ATM cards.

Importance of ATM machine

ATM machine has a significant influence on our everyday lives. One can never again need to convey a ton of liquid money with us with the approach of these machines. Every one of the banks these days, give an ATM card and a four-digit PIN number.

The PIN number guarantees the security of your record. It isn’t important to be an expert to comprehend the tasks of an ATM machine. Any person with a substantial ATM card and PIN number can undoubtedly work it without looking for the assistance of others. In this article, we will see the significance of the ATM in our lives.

⇒ One can pull back your cash whenever of the day or night from the ATM machines. This helps many individuals during crisis circumstances.

⇒ Every one of the clinics, railroad stations, and airplane terminals are furnished with at any rate one ATM machine to help individuals to pull back the cash as and when required.

⇒ The ATM machines have turned out to be advanced to the point that you can significantly move your cash utilizing them. Both intra-bank and between bank moves are conceivable with the assistance of these machines. In spite of the fact that the between bank exchanges will be charged according to the terms and conditions, you can do intra-bank exchanges completely free of expense.

⇒ Every one of the ATMs will give a small scale explanation which will assist you with knowing the exchanges that have occurred through your record.

⇒ ATM machines are utilized for withdrawing cash, yet additionally for checking the equalization sum in your record.

⇒ The advertisers, these days utilize the ATM machines to advance their items by showing promotions on the screen of these machines. A portion of the ATMs likewise furnish the receipts alongside the details of the offers given by an organization or a brand.

⇒ Practically all the significant stores, oil siphons, and so forth., have ATM machines. Henceforth, you can swipe your card on these machines and pay the bill effectively. You don’t need to bring the money each time you wish to make the buy.

⇒ You can likewise pay all your power, TV station membership, and phone bills utilizing the ATM machines.

⇒ There are some ATM machines which bolster both the card based and card-less money stores. Not all the ATM machines over the globe are furnished with this element.

⇒ Pre-booking of the Airline tickets have turned out to be simpler with the assistance of these ATM machines. In the event that your web isn’t working or the trip specialists are completely busy with a ton of different clients, you can book your tickets ahead of time by means of the ATM counters.

⇒ In the event that, in the event that you have any uncertainty with respect to your record number, there is an arrangement given in the ATM machines which will send your record number to the unlisted telephone number.

⇒ If one has to recharge the cell phone right away, then he or she can go to the closest ATM counter and complete the recharge procedure with no problem.

⇒ ATM machines have made online shopping a lot simpler. On the off chance that exchange consents to the terms and states of the bank, an individual can make the installments immediately to the shopkeepers.

⇒ One can without much of a stretch buy and transfer the broadcast appointment to the friends and family with the assistance of ATM machines. You have to utilize the ATM machine of that bank in which you have made your record.

⇒ The ATM machines are likewise viewed as a significant source of income. Small scale business visionaries who need to abstain from paying the additional expenses charged by the credit and platinum card suppliers utilize these machines.

Along these lines, we can say that the ATM machines assume an unavoidable job in our economy. It isn’t even conceivable to go through multi-day outside in a nation without an ATM machine.

The PIN number is given by the ATM additionally has diminished the danger of burglary as it were. In spite of the fact that there is as yet a danger of getting the ATM machine plundered, practically every one of the counters has a security watchman to guarantee the wellbeing of the cash inside the machines.

It isn’t constantly possible to go with a great deal of liquid money. Individuals won’t have satisfaction when they have immense sums with them. The ATM machines have disposed of this worry.

Practically every one of the urban communities of the creating and the created nations likewise has ATM machines so individuals will never again feel powerless when looked with a crisis circumstance.

Facts about ATM

In the present situation, the utilization of ATMs has turned into a significant piece of human everyday practice. This machine is a telecommunicated and computerized device that gives service identified with money-related transfers to clients.

In this transfers procedure, the client does not require the assistance of clerk, agent or bank employee. In this article, we are depicting some interesting and intriguing facts about the development and utilization of ATMs.

  1. The invention of ATMs:

ATM was invented by John Shepherd Barron, a Scottish resident. In 1965, One day Barron touched went to a bank to withdraw cash but the bank was closed already because of being one-minute late. After this John Shepherd Barron thought why not to make such a machine whereby 24 hours cash can be withdrawn back. With this idea, John Shepherd Barron imagined principal ATM machine in around 2 years.

  1. First ATM

The primary ATM to withdraw the money was forced on 27th June 1967 in the Barclays Bank of London. The main individual to withdraw the cash from this ATM was Comedy entertainer Reg Varney.

  1. Pin number of ATM

John Shepherd Barron had the desire to keep 6 digits ATM Pin number, however, his better half Carolyn could not memorize 6 digits. In this manner, he arranged 4 digits ATM Pin number.

  1. First ATM in India

First time in India, Service of ATMs was begun in 1987. Above all else, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) had introduced ATM machine in Mumbai.

  1. Gold withdrawal from ATM

From ATM, cash, as well as gold, can be withdrawn. The first gold-plate retrieving machine was introduced in the entryway of Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi. There are 320 kinds of gold things could be withdrawn from this machine.

  1. Floating ATM

The foremost floating ATM machine was introduced in Kochi, Kerala. This ATM machine was introduced by the State Bank of India. It was directed by the Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC) Company.

  1. ATM without a bank account

ATM can be used without having an account in European nation Romania. Be that as it may, such facilities are not accessible in numerous nations including India.

  1. Biometric ATM

In Brazil, biometric ATM is used to make banking transactions and passwords more secure. The client needs to initially check fingers at these ATMs.

  1. Names of ATM

ATM is known by a wide range of names. The machine in the UK and New Zealand is called Cash point or Cash Machine. While that of Australia and Canada is called Money Machine.

  1. Card Eating ATM

In 1968, the card was utilized to withdraw cash from ATMs introduced in Barclays Bank. This card was taken from the bank.

 These are some of the interesting facts regarding ATM which had brought significant impact on daily lives.