All about acronym QA

#1 Quality Assurance

It is a proactive and continuous strategy that establishes systems, processes, and actions to satisfy specific needs. It includes continuous improvement of the processes and the implementation of a proper quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard.

The quality assurance is made by the supplier: designing a good product, buying the right components, adding.And supervising manufacturing processes and checking and improving continuously to avoid defects.


The quality assurance (often used the anglicized quality assurance, QA ) is the set of planned and systematic activities implemented for a quality management system for quality requirements of a product or service will be satisfied.

QA Full form stands for

QA Full form

Among these activities are the systematic measurement, comparison with standards, monitoring of processes, all activities associated with information feedback loops. These activities contribute to the prevention of errors, which can be contrasted with quality control, which focuses on the outputs of the process. Both concepts are commonly used together.

#2 Qatar

Qatar is a country Arab, officially known as an emirate of the Middle East, occupying the tiny Qatari Peninsula on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia to the south, and the Persian Gulf surrounds the rest of the country. A strait from the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the neighboring island nation,Bahrain.

Qatar is an absolute and hereditary emirate ruled by the House of Thani since the mid-nineteenth century. The most important positions in the country are occupied by members or groups close to the al-Thani family. In 1995, Sheikh Hamas bin Khalifa Al Thani became Emir after deposing his father, Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani, in a coup.

He was a British protectorate until he gained independence in 1971. Since then, it has become one of the richest states in the region due to revenues from oil and natural gas (it has the world’s third-largest gas reserves).

Prior to the discovery of oil, its economy was mainly based on the extraction of pearls and maritime trade. Currently, it leads the list of the world’s richest countries by Forbes magazine and the countries with the highest human development in the world.

Since the first Gulf War, it has been an important military ally of the United States and currently houses the headquarters of the Central Command of the superpower in the region. It is also one of the few countries in the world where its citizens do not pay taxes.

The name Qatar derives from Qatara, which is believed to refer to the ancient city of Zubarah, an important commercial port, and city of the region. The word Qatara appears for the first time on a map of the Arab world of Ptolemy.

#3 Quality Assessment

It is considered as a general process, which is described as the difference between expectations and perceptions through and at each moment of truth that makes up the service cycle. By applying it, a diagnosis of the service process can be made.

But it also facilitates determining the fundamental causes that cause the problems encountered and provides the service institution with some strategies that contribute to the elimination of those problems.

The assessment of the quality includes those activities carried out by a company, institution or organization in general, to know the quality in it. Supervise quality control activities. Usually, quality models or referential are used, which allow to standardize the evaluation process and its results, and therefore compare.

The assessment of quality is a process that consists of two fundamental activities, measurement, and comparison.

  • A first stage that includes the years prior to the decade of the fifties, characterized by methods developed in the production.And based on internal criteria and owner of the company, without taking into consideration the client’s criteria. This stage was developed under a demand-supply relationship, favorable to the demand determining the non – importance of the client ‘s criterion.
  • The second stage begins in the decade of the 60 and remains in force today. This is characterized by a very favorable supply-demand relationship to supply, where the customer plays a decisive role and the external focus of quality management is significant. Coincidentally, in this period the service companies are booming and many of the models used for the evaluation of quality make direct reference to these companies.

An incorrect or mediated evaluation of the quality would cause poor management of the same in any company.

#4 Question and Answer

A question is an interpellation that is made with the intention of obtaining some type of information. When pronouncing this question, it is expected to receive a response that includes the data sought. It is necessary to underline, in the same way, the existence of the so-called transcendental questions.

Those are issues that are identified by the fact that they refer to important aspects of what is life, the generation of it, the feelings, the future …The questions appear at every moment of everyday life through the so-called interrogative sentences.

Although the essence of the questions is to ask for an answer, there is a kind of interrogation that does not expect any return from the interlocutor or that is not even addressed to someone in particular. These are the so-called rhetorical questions, which are usually expressions that seek to encourage reflection or promote a change in attitude in the listener.

An answer is an answer to someone who calls or requires us. The satisfaction of a doubt or a question is also known as an answer. In some cases, the answer is necessary to access a certain benefit, as is the case with some television contests, or to receive a grade, as is the case in educational centers. On the other hand, human beings we meet with various concerns on a daily basis, usually of medium importance.

Such as the location of a street or the ingredients of a dish we want to prepare.The answer can also be the effect sought after an action. For psychology and biology, the response is the reaction of an organism to a stimulus. This response can be expressed through mechanical, physical, chemical or other changes. It is known as a response, finally, to the actions that are carried out to alleviate the effects of an adverse event.

 #4 Quality As

Quality refers to the capacity that an object has to satisfy implicit or explicit needs according to a parameter, a fulfillment of quality requirements .Quality is a subjective concept. Quality is related to the perceptions of each individual to compare one thing with another of the same species. And various factors such as culture, product or service, needs, and expectations directly influence this definition.

The term quality comes from Latin qualities or qualitatis .Quality can refer to the quality of life of people in a country that is defined as the comparison of the resources needed to access certain basic goods and services.

The quality of the water we drink or the quality of the air we breathe is also comparable to the ideal parameters of water and air or in relation to other countries.The quality of the service provided by a certain company is associated with its quality in relation to the perception of satisfaction.And the quality of a product, in general, refers to the quality and durability of the good.

Quality, in relation to products and/or services, has several definitions, such as that the product is adjusted to the demands of customers. The added value, something that similar products do not have, the cost/benefit ratio, etc.

A current vision of the concept of quality in Marketing indicates that quality is not giving the client what he wants. But delivering what he had never imagined he wanted and that once he gets it, he realizes that it was what he had always wanted.

#5 Quota Adaptation

The word quota in Latin means restriction, the norm. A quota is a more capacious concept that defines not just a quantitative standard, but a limitation of something within a specific agreement. The concept is often used to name the amount of money that is paid regularly to a club, association, etc.

In economic terms, the word quota is defined as the fixed amount of money paid to receive a product or service in exchange. When a person purchases or pays in installments, it means that he divides the total amount into parts, which he will pay in temporary fractions, that is, each week, each month or annually.

#6 Qualia Structure

The qualia are the qualities subjective of experiences individual. For example, the redness on a particular area or pain in any part of the body. The qualia symbolize the explanatory emptiness that is noticed before the existence of epiphenomenal qualities subject to the subjectivity of our perception and the physical system that we call brain.

The properties of sensory experiences are, by definition, epistemologically unknowable in the absence of direct experience of them. As a result, they are also incommunicable. The existence or absence of these properties is a topic hotly debated in the philosophy of the contemporary mind.

Qualia have played an important role in the philosophy of mind, mainly because they are seen as a refutation de facto of reductionist materialism. There is a debate about the precise definition of qualia since several philosophers emphasize or deny the existence of certain properties.

It is important to note that the quale does not have the status of the observed properties, which exist surely, but could be wrong. Instead, the concept of qualia is the first and most dependent on its own definition.

And the existence of qualia is predicated on the existence of the properties that fill its definition. So if we were to discover that there is such a property as what it is to have some experience but this property was knowable by others, it would not be a quale.

#7 Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

It is the nursing branch of the British Army and part of the Army Medical Services.Though a formal nursing service was not established until 1881, the development of the body traced its legacy to Florence Nightingale, who was key in lobbying for the support of female military nurses. The Army Nursing Service, which had been formed in 1881.

And which as of 1889 provided sisters for all Army hospitals with at least 100 beds, had only a small number of nurses in their employment. In 1897, in an effort to make nurses available if necessary for war, the service is complemented by the Christian Princess Army’s Nursing Reserve Service (PCANSR).

Registered nurses for the service and for the start of the First Boer Warthe reserve had around 100 members. But its members swelled to more than 1400 during the conflict. PCANSR time became Imperial Military Nursing Service of Queen Alexandra.

In March 1902, Imperial Military Nursing Service of Queen Alexandra ( QAIMNS ) was established by royal authorization and was named after Queen Alexandra, who became its president. In 1949, the QAIMNS became a corps in the British Army and was renamed as the Royal Army Nursing Corps of Queen Alexandra. Since 1950 the organization has trained nurses, and in 1992 men were allowed to join.

The associate of Queen Alexandra Royal Army Corps Nursing Association is a registered charity. Queen Alexandra was reigning president from 1902 until her death in 1925. The following year she was succeeded by the Queen Mary.

#8 Quality Assistant

For many, the word of quality can only mean to verify or comply with the processes of standards established by a company when it comes to food. However, quality can be applied to other positions within the job.

Quality not only refers to food, it is also to comply with customer service processes. But to see the quality applied in another process that is not food, an interview will be made to a person who works as a quality assistant for a company.

Roles and responsibilities of the position

One of the functions performed by the quality assistant is to ensure compliance with each stage of the implementation process of standards and quality standards. While it is true that quality does not only refer to food processes, also within the company, it is ensured that all the rules that exist in them are complied with. These range from institutional rules to procedures to be followed.

Another function is to ensure the corresponding training and knowledge on the use and handling of procedures, documentation, and activities of each administrative unit with respect to standards and quality standards.

Many of the departments do not comply with the established standards. Because they do not know the processes that must follow, so the quality assistant must ensure the training on the staff to publicize the company’s procedures.

In addition, the quality assistant must also supervise the development of all aspects of the standards and quality standards. First of all, the quality assistant must constantly evaluate whether the procedures are being followed.Since in the end their compliance or not can be reflected in the quality of work that is given to the client.

#9 Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst is the person responsible for planning, executing and ensuring quality during and after the production processes. This occupation of the technological sector is related to the Quality Analyst applied to other sectors, such as Health, Manufacturing, Education, among others.

The difference is mainly due to the basic training of these professionals. Being, in the case of Quality Analysts who work in the technological field, generally graduates of careers such as Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Systems or Computing or similar careers.

The mission of the Quality Analyst is to create a standardized methodology that ensures the quality of production and product processes of companies and organizations or projects. The objective of their work is to identify early on the defects or inconveniences that may arise in the production stages.To avoid their continuity and in this way assure the quality of the products and their processes.

In addition to the professional training that is based on the Quality Analyst, they are commonly trained in Quality Management Systems. Such as ISO 9000, ISO 20000; incapacity and maturity models in software, such as CMM or CMMI. Others; and depending on the position they also carry out postgraduate studies in Quality.

They acquire knowledge in Scrum / UML / TDD / IC, Methodologies of Development of Information Systems and in the realization of measurements and metrics.

#10 Quick Access

As its name already indicates, Quick Access is a small free utility that allows you to create shortcuts for easy access to your files. You can create shortcuts for frequently used folders, your favorite applications, your games. But also to make it easier to access the various features of your Windows system (volume, screen resolution, add or delete function program, etc.).

In addition, Quick Access also allows you to automatically reboot your PC, and better still, it gives you the ability to access more than 20 online radio stations. It is a free software compatible with Windows NT / 95/98/2000 / ME and XP.

The Quick Access replaces the Favorites list implemented on Windows 8.1 and groups files / frequently accessed files automatically. Over time the Quick Access list becomes random and irrelevant and it’s time to clean up and tell Windows that you’re the boss!

Some users prefer to use Quick Access to facilitate access to their files/folders quickly. Others prefer to have control over their system, manually specifying shortened folders.

#11 Quaternary ammonium

The Quaternary ammonium compounds are cations poly atomic general structure NR 4 +. Their structure contains at least one hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain bonded to a positively charged nitrogen atom.And some other alkyd groups which are commonly short-chain substituents such as methyl or benzyl groups.

Unlike ammonium ions (NH 4 + ) and primary, secondary or tertiary ammonium cations. Quaternary ammonium are permanently charged irrespective of the pH of their solution. The Quaternary ammonium salts or Quaternary ammonium compounds (also called Quaternary amine in petroleum jargon) are salts of Quaternary ammonium cations with an anion.

Currently, Quaternary ammonium compounds are the main ingredient of cat ionic attractants. They’re utilized as ingredients in fabric softeners, anti static agents, disinfectants, herbicides, detergents, phase transfer agents and many personal care products.

Quaternary ammonium salts are generally not very reactive. They can, however, undergo the rearrangement of Somme let- Causer and the rearrangement of Stevens. As well as undergo deescalation under harsh conditions. Quaternary ammonium cations can also be removed from Hoffman if hydrogen is present in the beta of the nitrogen.

#12 Quick Assets

Generally, quick assets are defined as those that can become cash in the short term without losing value.And that being assets without postponement can be transformed into cash. At the economic level, the quick asset is the one that can be converted or swapped for money quickly or not lose the value when making the conversion.

It is also defined as an asset that is more or less liquid or if it has a greater degree of liquidity,  the faster it is possible to transform it into cash. Therefore, quick assets are more commonly referred to as liquid assets.

In addition, different types of assets can be found.  The main ones are current assets which can be sold as long as they do not generate a negative cost. As for the liquidity value of an asset, it will depend on the expectation that its owner has about the value that it has in the market.

Auto or life insurance, trust funds or gold can not be liquid assets since it takes a long time to get a buyer to pay the fair market value of these assets. Also, the conversion into liquid assets takes time and is not done immediately.

#14 Quicklinks Acid

Quicklinks acid (abbreviated in the literature QUIN or QA ), also known as 2,3-pyrimidine carboxylic, is a carboxylic acid with a pyrimidine structure. It is presented as a colorless solid. It is a bio synthetic precursor of nicotine.It is one of six isomers pyrimidine carboxylic acid .Quicklinks acid is a product of the quinine pathway, which metabolizes the amino acid tryptophan. It acts as an AMANDA receptor agonist.

Quicklinks acid has a potent neurotic effect. Studies have shown that Quicklinks acid may be involved in many psychiatric disorders, degenerative processes in the brain, as well as other disorders. Inside the brain, Quicklinks acid is produced only by microbial and activated macrophages.

Quicklinks acid can be prepared by petrochemical oxidation of quinine or by means of hydrogen peroxide.Alternatively, it can be prepared from quinine by oxidation with potassium termagant. It is produced as an intermediate in the synthesis of nicotine acid. Quicklinks acid decomposes from 185-190 ° C by declaration to nicotine acid.

#15 Quantitative Auto radiography

In the last years, the auto radiography has been developed to a quantitative method of radioactivity measurement. Operating techniques of quantitative auto radiography are demonstrated using special standard objects. Influences of irradiation quality, of back scattering in sample and detector materials and of sensitivity and fading of the detectors are considered.

Further on questions of quantitative evaluation of auto radiograms are dealt with, and measuring errors are discussed. At last some practical uses of quantitative auto radiography are demonstrated by means of the estimation of activity distribution in radioactive foil samples.